One of the most peaceful places

I can think of…

…is driving through the rain forests

about an hour’s drive from Geelong.

However, a closer and equally peaceful place

is on the shores of Corio Bay

watching the sun rise.

Whether you are after some

blue hour images or…

…just want to greet the sun as it wakes…

…the only thing likely to disturb you is the

gentle slapping of water

against Griffin Gully Jetty…

…or as wavelets pass along the many boats

moored nearby.

Of course there are regular walkers, joggers…


…and occasionally other photographers

out to capture, for future enjoyment,

the scene of the day.



A Photo a Week Challenge:   Peaceful-Place




Didn’t think I would be up for

this weekend’s challenge….

however, here goes….

An all-in-one air conditioner

and listening device,


I showed this image to a work colleague

of the day, thinking it easy to decipher.

For my troubles, I received an indignant

‘What is it?’    🙂


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  What-is-it?





a general rule, principle,
or piece of advice.
“the organization has issued guidelines
for people working with prisoners”

My last job was working with prisoners

and there was certainly no shortage of

workplace guidelines provided for employees



White lines on our roads have now become

guidelines, literally, for new technology

in motor vehicles which stops us accidentally

changing lanes and potentially causing

or being involved in a car crash.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:   Guidelines