Originally thought that all I had was… 

a passing shot of a Denali moose

for this week.



Then remembered that Kookaburras

easily qualified.

These are wild ‘pets’



Not sure if it is a

Kangaroo or a Wallaby

but it found a home in our trees. 




Rosella Parrot



Just had to include these woolly sheep…


Woolly sheep as opposed to these which are

off shears (have been shorn)

about a month ago.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Double-Letters



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Pick-a-Topic-5


Week 5 – Pick a Topic


A wedding sign….


Red Flowers

Pink blossom

Finally, the closest I have

to sweets, lollies, candy…..



…unless I include this Candi 🙂






of great value;
not to be wasted
or treated carelessly.


Perhaps not the most valuable…

…thing I own, however, it does fit

into the ‘precious’ category.

It was first piece of art I ever purchased.

Painted by Henk Guth (now deceased),

Ormiston Gorge is near Alice Springs,

Northern Territory, Australia.