Some images from our travels

during the past decade.





In June 2020 we were supposed to be

visiting Africa again.

While we are in good health….

…the Safari has been postponed…

…until next year…hopefully.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Pick-a-Topic-4


Week 4 – Pick a Topic


There are numbers….


….on bottles…

…which are tied to a tree using thin rope or string.

Right foreground is some leafy green

which may bulbs prior to flowering.






smoothness and elegance of movement.


Smooth and Elegant are two adjectives

I would not use to describe

a Labrador’s gait.

In fat the term ‘Galumpher’ comes to mind

whenever I see our Taji in motion.

Wondering what a Galumpher is?

Galumpher : Margaret Clark : 9780733612602

I first met Galumpher while searching for children’s books.

As the cover shows Galumpher is a big clumsy dog.

I don’t know what we did without Google. 🙂


Stay Safe.