This wheel was first seen by yours truly

on my Father’s disc plough.

I spent many hours during my farm life

dragging these around breaking up ground

for seeding as well as ploughing fire breaks.

Thank you Google for the above image

An old paper mill on the outskirts of Geelong

provided me with these wheels. 

I do not know their purpose.



I’m sure all motor vehicle owners

will have groaned as these wheels

displayed too many gallons,

price per gallon (now litres Down Under)

and total amount owed.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Wheels






I have originally tagged all

of these images as ‘orange’.

However, not so sure

after boosting colour

Similar in appearance to the Correas.






FriendlyFriday:   Imagine-Orange

Amanda                       Sandi




make it easier or possible for (someone) to do something
by offering them one’s services or resources.



Young Taji, ready and willing

to help Maggie devour any tidbit

which Maggie may want.


Being the king cat he was,

Soxie was willing to help Maggie

with her bone.

The young pooches we now have

would eat Soxie then come back

for their main course.