Mostly physical ladders this week.

These are too light to be mine.


Nor would I like climbing

this ladder these days.


I don’t know if other countries/codes

refer to this data as a ladder or not.

However, it is definitely called The Ladder

by anyone who has any interest in

Australian Rules Football.

After playing 23 Home and Away games

teams finishing in the top eight positions

play off in the Finals.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Ladders

7 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-PC-Ladders

  1. Football! I have no idea what anything means apart from scoring a goal,
    I half expected the ladders in photo one to take a stroll around the block at any moment!
    Good choices, thank you, Woolly 🙂


      • Woolly, ‘Kick a behind! What is that? Don’t bother to answer, you will lose me further! I have no idea what any football term mean in any country! 😀


      • I will try Sue. At each end of the ground there are four post…the middle two are tall, wile the outer two are shorter. If a player kicks the ball between the middle two (tall) posts it is a goal and equals 6 points. However, if the ball passes between the tall post and the short post it is a ‘point’…or as commentators say ‘a behind’. 6 goals and 1 behind = 37 points. Anyway, thanks to Coronavirus, this year we won’t have to worry about football until May 31 at the earliest. And the way things are going we may be lucky to come out of our current lock down restrictions before September. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for the information I never realised there was another way of playing football.
        How’s your knee bearing up at the moment?

        Frightening times for us all right now, but it’s interesting to hear from bloggers and hear how the rest of the world is handling it.
        I feel sorry for the Americans far too many of them are do not fully comprehend what is happening, and all because of the misformation fed to them by their incompetent leader.

        Thanks, Woolly, and take care. 🙂


      • Our first day of school closures in Victoria, today. Only essential businesses are open. MGW was telling me at breakfast that one girl put herself into ‘self isolation’ last Monday. Was back at school yesterday (Monday) because she was ‘sooo bored at home.’ Knee is okay…still a bit swollen…but far easier walking than twelve months ago.

        You take care also. At least blogging will fill in some time during this lock down period 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Australia is a little behind the U.K. And this is because of the stage the virus is at.
        Banning people from leaving home apart from food once a week .
        Thank goodness we blog! A few days ago one of my grandsons was invited to a party, his parents refused. All his friends went to the party. We were appalled at the parents. Thank you, Woolly, keep in touch

        I have three kids working in Education, schools are open to only key workers. My Nan’s farm blog will cover this later in the week.


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