My favourite spread is Vegemite.

To date I have yet to meet any other nationality

that genuinely appreciates Vegemite.



I will concede many Australians don’t like Vegemite. 

For example MGW only uses it sparingly,

whereas I like to see a good thickness of it

spread on my morning toast.



18 thoughts on “Tuesday-PC-Wk204-Spread

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  2. I have heard of it before, probably from you. It sound kind of yuck…sorry. There are a lot of spreads that I go…why…But hey, glad you like it. More for you, right.


    • I have yet to meet a Canadian who likes it 😊. Yeast and malt extract from barley and wheat. Niacin, riboflavin, thiamine and salt appears to be main ingredients. It has an interesting smell. You may enjoy it, but not many do. Number 2 Son lived on ‘cheese and vegemite’ sandwiches.

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