a pursuit, area of study, or skill to which someone
has devoted much time and effort
and in which they are expert.


During my late teens and early twenties

I spent four years learning how

to class (grade/sort) wool.

And that was my specialty throughout

most of my working life

During the the 1990s I furthered

my expertise in this field

by successfully completing an

Associate Diploma of

Wool and Fibre Marketing.

In the early 1990s we purchased our first computer,

complete with Windows 3.1 and an 80 MB hard drive.

After competing an Adult Education and Training Degree

followed by a Primary Teaching Degree I gained employment

at a local high school where 50% of my teaching load

was teaching computer skills.

After moving to Geelong I spent 6 years in a

Corrections Environment, again

specialising in computer skills.



One Word Sunday Challenge:  Speciality

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