The Reach of Shadows

 (DI Bliss, #4)


Tony J. Forder

The Reach of Shadows is the fourth (of 6) in Tony Forder’s DI Bliss series and probably the best to date.  Again Bliss finds himself in trouble, on several fronts, but still has Chandler and the rest of his loyal team to help when required.

This time it is Jade Coleman who is murdered by a home invader, stalker, or her pervert neighbour.   The only other piece of information I can add is that she was an activist, or sorts, which may, or may not, have something to do with her murder. While Bliss and his team are trying to solve this crime, ‘fresh’ evidence is discovered (against Bliss) and he becomes the target of an Internal Affairs investigation into his past deeds.

Tony Forder has this and another storyline as ongoing background stories throughout the Bliss series.  One of these plots seems to be concluded in The Reach of Shadows.

I have enjoyed these later books of the Bliss series and look forward to reading books 5 and 6 later in the year.

 I rated

The Reach of Shadows

The Reach of Shadows (DI Bliss, #4)

as a five star read.

At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

The Reach of Shadows

an average of 4.63 stars,

from 278 ratings

and 54 reviews.

The Reach of Shadows

can be purchased online at

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon

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