8 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-PC-Leap

  1. Bed time again! Hope you sleep well.
    You are not alone.
    The other week I told one of my girls that I ached and said I felt old, she replied with, But you are old! That’s the kind of thing that five-year olds say!
    Have a good trip, Woolly


    • Made it, Sue. Around 450 km. It was Dad’s only surviving sister’s birthday today. Auntie had her 80th about 5 years ago. Her youngest daughter was visiting, along with another mutual cousin. So we had a good hour or so together before I began the two hour drive back from Warrnambool. The thing is that age is going to creep up on all these youngsters when they least suspect it.

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      • I’m glad you had a good day. How’s the knee after the drive?
        You’re so right, one of mine already suffers from the back problems that beset my mum, my grandma and caught with me!


      • Knee is good at the moment…may ache a little during the night. Hopefully not. Knee itself has been good from day 1. Was walking on it 6 hours after waking in recovery. However, that little walk broke the wound open in several places and I was ordered to bed for twenty four hours. 🙂 Power steering makes driving much easier than it was several decades back.

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  2. I know just what you mean! Only today I was telling my kids about about how I used to play football with the lads in the street and do endless handstands against the wall and then walk along on my hands, they were like… What, You!? Are you having us on? I don’t even like football now. Oh, the things we did when we were young!

    Hope you slept well, now it’s my turn! 🙂


    • So pleased to hear that I’m not alone. There are times when I’m made feel like a total moron. They know so much (they think)…in fact if I had their mindset at same age…….. I have put on a bit of weight since turning 50. Our two often derisively let me know about my waistline. Neither bothers to think things once may have been different. I was 90 kg at 50. A few months back both were topping 100 kg. I have a 400 km round trip drive tomorrow, if I can get to sleep tonight. Alarm set for 0600. Have never been a good sleeper, but have only had a handful of ‘good’ nights since knee replacement.

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