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    • We have just finished one of our coolest and wettest summers for some years. I’m sure in the 1950s our seasons coincided with equinoxes and solstices. Don’t know when it changed, but for the first three weeks of each season we generally have ‘expert’ weather forecasters complaining that we are having a late burst of summer, autumn, etc.

      I thought there may have been a simple, yet three different University staff members provide differing answers.



      • Thank you for the link – how confusing is that!!!
        I’m further confused because I thought Australia had just had the hottest and driest season, but was that your Spring?


      • It has been further north in New South Wales and Queensland back in the spring early summer/December. We burn, if we are going to, in February/March and sometimes April. As the crow flies Geelong is about 500 km west of the Victorian fires which were bad and in forested areas. Since about mid-January tropical rain has been overflowing from the monsoon season in northern Australia. We have had rain from weather systems in Queensland and Western Australia’s far north. Our back yard has some green about it now. Usually it is a dust bowl as it is a waste of water trying to keep it green and battle hot northerly winds and 30-40 degree heat. No. 1 Son was saying, yesterday, that New Zealand is closer to Melbourne than Perth is. I hadn’t thought of that before. The Great dividing range also effects our weather/climate. When wool classing up north, I could leave home in shocking weather, hit the mountains, the sun would shine all week while it rained at home.

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      • Thank you so much for the information. Your country is certainly a massive one!

        In comparison, in England, no one is ever more than seventy miles or so from the coastline, which is exactly where I am, seventy miles away from both the East and West coasts.
        Yorkshire has suffered from heavy rainfall since September and the storms over the last couple of weeks have caused widespread, devastating flooding.


      • Think I heard of Yorkshire floods a few weeks ago. I pricked my ears whenever I hear York mentioned. In 2016, we were in York visiting a couple who were kind enough to stop and pick me up while I was hitching on a Motorway in 1976. No! I didn’t know it was illegal. Anyway we kept in touch. They visited us in the late 90s. Hope you are not in danger of being flooded.

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      • We’ve had a few unprecedented leaks and damp carpets. The fields are bogged but we’re high up. Parts of Yorkshire and Humberside have had it rough. York has also fallen foul despite new flood defences. Take a look at this Tweet,


      • You really could do with some sun, couldn’t you? Not sure where George and Rosemary are living now. They did have Acomb as part of their address, but said they were selling in late 2016. I’m afraid that I haven’t familiarised their new address, and like other overseas friends we have resorted to Facebook and Christmas emails of recent years. I don’t like to push communications too much as they had teenagers when we met and I think maybe in mid 80s by now. After 10PM here and past my bedtime. Goodnight.

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