*  a unit of linear measure equal to 3 feet (0.9144 metre).
*  a cylindrical spar, tapering to each end,
slung across a ship’s mast for a
sail to hang from.

Several images of our back yard….

…which has nothing to do linear measurement…



…unless we wanted to calculate the area

of our yard in square yards.

I have often heard the phrase,

When the sun came over the yard arm.


Until, today I had never quite known what it meant.

However, Google tells me that the horizontal arms

are called yards from which sails are hung.






This was a difficult challenge for me…

…because I generally don’t point my

camera at people.

I have managed to find suitable background

and bright colours…..

…along with some long range surfing brights.







Perhaps my favourite surfing shot


Cee’s-Hunt-for-Joy-Challenge:  Wear-Bright-Colors




*  the powdery residue left after
the burning of a substance.
*  a trophy for the winner of a series
of Test matches in a cricket season
between England and Australia.


After a fire burnt our church

five years ago…

…even this cross on the roof

was little more than ashes.