And a Treasure hunt it has been.


  • Probably one of the few images with multiple elements… 

hot sun, seascape and boats

  • Sunrise

  • sunset


  • Something cold (ice)

  • or hot (sun)


  • a bird (Galah)


  • a dog (Husky)

  • a funny sign


  • a bicycle


  • a seascape


  • mountain landscape (Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa)


  • a rainbow


  • a church, after a fire bug struck


  • a musical instrument,

  • a boat,


  • a plane departing heathrow, London.


  • waterfall…Victoria Falls and fisherman on top.


  • a waterfall, nearer to home Hopkins Falls in Western Victoria.


  • Extra Credit Items:
  • An expressive portrait of one or more people.

Father in law had been diagnosed with

prostate and breast cancer all in the same year.

His chemotherapy was reducing his hair quantity.

Our boys decided he needed a wig!!

It was his 74th birthday and he is

now 85 and going strong.




  • a very unusual place,

A toilet in Vienna decorated with Playboy style images.

I was told that the ladies’ was decorated

in a similar theme.


  • knitting or sewing…sewing machine is the best I could do.


  • a fish,



  • an animal you don’t normally see…or any other African animal.



  • a bucket,


  • a hammer



  • a street performer,




  • a double rainbow,

Now, this has been a challenge.


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