Thank goodness we visited

Europe a few years ago.

The Colosseum

Constructed between 70-80 AD.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Built between 1173-1372

Built during the 1300s the Florence Bell Tower .


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Over-100-Years-Old




Victorian roads

Geelong at dusk

I used to enjoy driving these sorts of roads.

However, after our recent fires I’m beginning

to think we should have at least 100 feet

of cleared ground alongside

all roads in forested areas.

Roads were closed due to

fallen trees this summer.


Roads up and down Mt. Buninyong,

near Ballarat.



This is the Hamilton Highway which has been and

still is our main thoroughfare between Geelong

and what was my Western District home for 55 years.

In 1961 Dad and his friend Jim were driving to

Melbourne to watch the Australia vs West Indies

test cricket match.

As they topped the rise Mother Nature

got the better of Jim and he decided

he couldn’t wait until the next public toilet.

Jim spied the culvert (upon which I parked for this photo)

and thought it would make a good place to stop

and answer the call of nature.

He couldn’t been seen from the road when they stopped.

However, Jim and Dad could not

work out why several cars

which passed by gave a long toot of their horn.

It was not until they were on their way again that

realization struck that while Jim wasn’t visible

from where Dad stopped the car, traffic

for two to three hundred yards either side

had a good eyeful of Jim in the culvert.  🙂

The culvert is now overgrown leaving no visibility,

however each time I pass

the Friend in Hand road Culvert

I smile and think of this story.



Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Roads






Expensive Windows…

Situated along the Swan River

in Western Australia

is this creamy coloured house.

We were told that there is at least two

possibly three levels to this house.

I’m not referring to the floors

just above water level.

There is another section of this house

about halfway up the river bank.