the line along which a large body of water
meets the land.


Gibson Steps shoreline, and…

…The Twelve Apostles shoreline, along

The Great Ocean Road.

Warrnambool Beach

South Western Victoria.



Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk220 – Shoreline





*  the study of past events,
particularly in human affairs.
*  the whole series of past events connected
with a particular person or thing.

I doubt if my Grandfather, or any member

of the Gun Crew which fired…

…the First Shot of World War I,

thought their actions

on August 5, 1914,

at 1245 hours

(AEST-Aust Eastern Standard Time)


…write them into family history books

let alone World History books.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  History






The small gold mining town of Stieglitz

was prosperous during the gold mining era.

Prospectors flooded the area in search

of good fortune gold and wealth.

Today, however, few buildings remain

to remind us of the prosperity

which once was in abundance.



 Although today, however, it is a museum of sorts

housing artifacts…

…and memorabilia from a bygone era.