Book Review-Las-Vegas-Girl

Las Vegas Girl

(Baxter and Holt #1)


Leslie Wolfe

Las Vegas Girl, like all of Leslie Wolfe’s novels, so far, have been page turners keeping me reading until the late hours of the night or early hours of morning.

Las Vegas Girl introduces us to Detectives Holt and Baxter, both of whom are on skating on thin ice as far as their immediate superior is concerned.

Thrust together as unwilling partners they are assigned to a murder in which walking on eggshells would be a breeze compared to the possible political fallout from asking the wrong, or right, people the wrong questions.

A beautiful girl plunges to her death in a Las Vegas Hotel.   Why?  Did she commit suicide?  Or was she murdered?   And more to the point, if it was murder who killed her?

All of their usual avenues of enquiry end with reprimands from their supervisor which makes their task all that much harder.

Both Holt and Baxter have ‘pasts’ which are kept private for most of the story.   During Las Vegas Girl we gain more insights into Baxter’s other life than we do of Holt.

Las Vegas Girl was my fifth Leslie Wolfe read and I still found it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Each of Wolfe’s books, to date, appears to be written from a slightly different perspective.

Definitely a must read author for those of us who enjoy the crime/thriller genre.

At the time of writing my review other

Goodreads readers have rated

Las Vegas Girl

an average of 

4.23 stars

from 4,166 ratings and 225 reviews 

 I have rated 

Las Vegas Girl

a solidread.

Las Vegas Girl (Baxter and Holt, #1)

Las Vegas Girl

is available online at 

Booktopia,  Fishpond and Amazon

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