I have never been a good sleeper.

Two or three hours between wakings and

I think I have had a great night’s sleep.

However, since my knee replacement surgery,

a good night’s sleep has

totalled two or three hours.

Any more is a fantastic night’s sleep.


Over the past few months I have, at times,

felt quite envious of these two

and their ease of sleep.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Sleeping


4 thoughts on “A-Photo-a-Week-Challenge-Sleeping

      • I had my hip replaced August 1st of 2016. I went to my doc last week because the pain is increasing and he pretty much told me to lose weight and it will feel better. Haha, I wish life were that easy. I guess if I put my mind to it. It is just that a mind dealing with pain on a daily basis does not always think about indulging in a workout. I found out about a year and a half after the surgery that I have Psoriatic Arthritis, which explains both the pain and the hip needing replacing.


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