In my future…

I like to be able to sell a few photos

to pay for my camera gear.

A couple of years ago I watched

a potential customer exclaim,

That’s a photo!‘  three times

before he walked on and purchased

another exhibitor’s painting.

We probably all exhibit some self bias

when viewing our own creations, however,

I know which one I would have

prefered on my wall.

Self marketing is not my strong suit…

..nor is selecting the right photo.

For example, this shot was taken

to learn depth of field

with my Nikon D90.

I thought it passable.

MGW loves it and it still

adorns one of our walls.

Something to do with

matching our colour scheme 🙂


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A range of images to

suit the challenge.




New Zealand

Known as

Gibson Steps,


The Twelve Apostles

along the

Great Ocean Road.








make many holes in (someone or something),
especially with gunshot.


World War I,


The Australian National War Memorial…

…could be said to be riddled…

…with World War II bullet holes.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Riddle