I have a very sweet tooth…

…so whenever I hear or see the word sweet

my mind imagines something like this.

Trouble is since having my knee

replaced in late October,

I have managed to shed 6-8 kilograms

(about 13-17 pounds) and I wish

to remain that way.

So now I just dream of the

sweeter life…and hope

for a longer one.





Finally, the Moorabool Valley in its foggy glory



5 thoughts on “SUNDAY-STILLS-PC-Sweet

  1. Oh, I hear you, Don! Losing weight to reduce pressures on joints is a huge factor in deciding not to indulge or over-indulge on sweets. I allow myself a little bit every day but stay far away from the donuts and baked goods found in your images! Congratulations on losing the weight…it is worth it!


    • Not sure if I should accept congratulations or not Terri. I have never felt less like having a meal than I did after that surgery…and it wasn’t just because it was hospital food either. Even after returning home MGW was at her wits end trying to get me to eat…anything. I was turning away from (food) favourites, and eating very little of anything else for nearly a month. About another ten kg would put me back to 50 year old weight. Hmmm…I might blow away in a strong wind though!!

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