Mostly Bees,with a couple of extras.

I tagged this as a dragon fly, however,

I think it may be different

to regular dragonflies.






I believe this to be a stick insect. 

The first I have ever photographed

and possibly my first sighting.





If Fear Wins

 (DI Bliss, #3)


Tony J. Forder

I never thought that I would become a series reader; however, here I am commencing a review about If Fear Wins the third book in the DI (Jimmy) Bliss series.  According to Google there are now 5 Jimmy Bliss books in the series.

Again we see Bliss and Chandler chasing leads in a murder.  This time a young Royal Air Force Officer appears to have been executed by terrorists.  After team Bliss runs into more dead ends than they care for a chance conversation with a suspect’s wife sees them headed in a totally new direction and eventually a successful conclusion to the case.

A five star contemporary plot which, occasionally seems to get bogged down supplying back ground information, which was detailed in books 1 & 2.  Tony Forder is not the only author I have come across who does this.  It’s just that I find it tiresome (re-reading details) I read a week or so ago in another book.

If Fear Wins catapults Tony Forder into the good mystery writer category.  My first Tony Forder read, Degrees of Darkness, is a five star read and his best so far.  From a plot stand point If Fear Wins is nearly as good and is definitely better than Bliss I & 2.

If Goodreads would accept half a star, I would rate If Fear Wins as a 4.5 star read.  However Goodreads doesn’t…so I can’t.  Therefore, due to excessive background information and what seemed to be a long ending, If Fear Wins, will have to be happy with a four star rating.


I rated

If Fear Wins

as a

four star read.



At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

If Fear Wins

an average of 4.63 stars,

from 293 ratings and 49 reviews.

If Fear Wins (DI Bliss, #3)

If Fear Wins

can be purchased online at

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food placed on a hook or in a net, trap, or fishing area
to entice fish or other animals as prey.

I have posted this image

many times, however, this is the topic

it should be posted under…

…simply because Maggie is being baited

with a sizeable chunk of bread and butter

as well as her worm tablets crush up

and hidden among all of the above.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Bait





very beautiful or attractive

In their world this face

may be described as lovely…

…however, not so in my world.

Most people think this is a lovely view.


In 1976 I thought this was a magnificent view

as I reached the top of Ayres Rock

(now known as Uluru).

Now that visitors can

no longer climb the Rock,

these images will only be

found on postcards, I suspect.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Lovely