Before 2016…

 …we always fed some magpies each evening.


They became quite brazen…

…and came right up to the back door for some bread…

….which probably wasn’t the healthiest food

we could have given them.


Early in 2016 we acquired two new family members…

…who were, then, and still are,

avid guardians of their backyard.


A Corio Bay,

bird feeder




Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Bird-Feeders




Apart from my first image…

…all other images are either birds or animals






These eyes gave me goosebumps all over

as there was only about 20 feet of

open space between camera and subject


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Eyes





a person born in or coming from a country
other than one’s own.

Readers MAY enjoy reading my post

‘A Foreigner in our House

How dear old Maggie dealt with foreigners.

She was always glad to see the fence,

because then, she had a legitimate reason

to give up the chase.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Foreigner