About 150 km west of Geelong

is the town of Mortlake…

…which is situated in the shadows of Mount Shadwell.

Mount Shadwell is known as the Olivine

(also known as Peridot)

capital of the world.


All our volcanic cones and crater are known as mountains,

and most of them support Fire Brigade, Telecom

or other type of communications tower.

During the summer there is also

a fire spotter up there.


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The Scent of Guilt

 (DI Bliss, #2)


Tony J. Forder

The Scent of Guilt is book 2 in the DI (Jimmy) Bliss series and my third Tony J. Forder read.  The Scent of Guilt is set some twelve years after Bad to the Bone and sees Jimmy Bliss returning home to Peterborough, only to be given a murder case to solve.  As with Bad to the Bone, his immediate superior is not happy and there is some head butting between the two.

I found The Scent of Guilt a little slow to begin with.  Passages of conversational padding to fill in what had happened all those years ago, I found irksome.  Necessary?  Maybe.  However considering many of the current staff at his station were not around at the time, I was left wondering can members of the police service carry grudges for so long based only on hearsay.  After the past had been sorted the story began to move along at a nice pace and an international connection adds to the plot.

Bliss is tasked with investigating the murder of women (aged around 60) and eventually it is revealed that there is a connection between the murders and teenage girls being raped.  Chandler from Bad to the Bone is lead investigator of that case.  Again this was a now and then type of story and how it is linked to then will be a spoiler.

I can say that the ending was much better than Bad to the Bone.  No Perry Mason theatrics this time round.

Another four star story spoiled only by a slow beginning (several chapters) and police abbreviations again.  For those reason I deducted half a star and give it an overall 3.5 stars.

I rated

The Scent of Guilt

as a

three and a half star read.


At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

The Scent of Guilt

an average of 4.41 stars,

from 650 ratings and 65 reviews.

The Scent of Guilt by Tony J. Forder

If Fear Wins

can be purchased online at

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Some Geelong chimneys.

Wood chipping chimneys.


An old railway station.

Now converted to a family run restaurant

Finally, a chimney which is no longer in use

and just across the road from

Balyang Sanctuary in Geelong.


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