Newest to oldest cats.

Smudge…our Christmas 2019 timid rescue cat.



It took him until Jul 2019 to come near the house.


And that was only because the dogs were

on the back verandah.



Our last link with the farm…Soxie.

He passed away in 2016.




I found Moppett dumped in Dad’s hays shed.

He was a very young kitten.

Moppett also came with us when we moved,

and disappeared shortly thereafter.

Six weeks later we received a phone call from a local

to see if we owned and grey and white cat.



Moppett had been scavenging for that time and

was definitely in need of a good feed.

We think he hopped onto the spare tire, under the tray of

my ute of the day we were toing and froing

to the local garden supplier, while we had coffee.

Moppett died of old age at least ten years ago

and had to be buried under a Mop Top tree

behind the catery.


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