Old vehicles

A very similar truck to one which

my Father purchased in the sixties.



Vintage vehicles at…

…a car show.


The FJ Holden.

The first of many and

manufactured in 1948 or 1950…

…and the last model Australian

manufactured Holden, the VF,

made in 2013.



6 thoughts on “SUNDAY-STILLS-PC-Old

  1. Who knew that teddy bears could drive. I’m always amazed at how old cars survive. More so if they still work. I can only imagine a lot of time and hard work goes into looking after then.

    You’ve linked back to last week’s Sunday Stills theme of ’round.’ Just thought I’d mention it so you can amend the link if you want to.


    • Thank Hugh…link amended. Don’t know what is wrong with me this last few months. I often find an error on a post after posting. Frustrating. Always wanted an FJ (Teddy Bear) Holden. Saw one advertised for $500 many decades ago, and went for a look. So bare compared to modern cars and the amount of work to be done to bring it to life. I’m not a mechanic in any way, shape or form. So still don’t have my FJ and probably past wanting one now. 🙂

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      • I think it happens to us all. I tend to always find mistakes in my posts after publishing them despite me having checked the post a lot before pushing the ‘publish’ button. Somebody told me that even some of the great classic books have mistakes in them. Just proves that we’re only human.


      • Well, in that case, I think I have been very, very human since I had my knee replaced. Initially I out it down to not being able to sit for extended periods and I was rushing to finish posts required each day. Can’t really use that as an excuse the day though. 🙂

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