advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty,
especially as given by someone in authority.

Many of today’s youth have only one source of information…

…and if the internet is down then they don’t know

where to turned for guidance

I guess all generations are similar



2 thoughts on “Word-of-Day-Challenge-Guidance

  1. I popped over from the word of the day post, to peek at your response. You are right, they are lost if WiFi fails or their phone is waterlogged after falling down the loo.. Just as we were, when asked a question you knew the answer would be inside the red bound Encyclopedia Britannica, that you could see in your minds eye; alphabetically in the bookcase. Strategically placed so visitors knew your education was valued. good job, Happy New Year until next time.


    • Couldn’t agree more. Our boys were that way inclined, ‘if you want to know something look it up on the internet‘ And about ten years ago while acting as an emergency relief teacher, a grade 5//6 class told me that they could not work on their Gold Rush project because the ‘internet is down.’ Their room was next to the library…but the internet was down!!!!!


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