waste material; refuse or litter.


Whether we call it

‘trash’or’rubbish’, it…

…city lanes are line with receptacles similar to these

One man’s trash…


…is another bird’s treasure.



My Geelong Neighbourhood.

Eastern Beach and Promenade in the background

Eastern Beach.

  At the top of the paths beach goers

are only two blocks from the

Central Business District




The Port Phillip Ferry which will provide daily services

commencing in December 2019,

between Geelong and Docklands.

This is the Docklands (Melbourne) end of the journey.


Eastern Beach Carousel.


Known locally as the Up Side Down building

this building houses government offices.

Figures 🙂


Although I have not seen this year’s

floating Christmas tree,

I believe it is on display again.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Neighbourhood





optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation.

I’m sure Candi has a sanguine outlook on life.

However, on October 29 her personality brought her some grief.

I was in hospital and MGW relayed the gory details

of how they went hell for leather,

with five neighbours dogs encouraging them.

By the time I arrived home there was no

discernible signs of blood on yellow,

however Candi is giving Taji a wide berth

as she hobbles around carrying one back leg.


Word of the Day Challenge: Sanguine