I remember studying Canada

when I was at school…Grade 6, I think.

When referring to Canadian salmon

our teacher told us that…

Canadians eat what they can and can what they can’t’.

This quote had me confused for some time

as I was used to referring to

a tin of soup, fish, whatever.

I don’t think these fish are salmon,

however they are, or were photographed

in the lobby of the

Parkside Hotel in Victoria,

British Columbia.


2 thoughts on “FOWChallenge-Can

  1. Apparently in the former British empire countries, it’s called a “tin,” possibly because they used to me made primarily of tin. We, in America, call then “cans.”


    • Should have realised it was a British Empire thing…particularly around 1960. Somewhere during the last nearly 60 years Australia has followed suit with “cans” being the accepted terminology Down Under, also 😊

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