Mostly Geelong sunsets with

a few others variety.

Sunset over Namibia,

Chobe River,

Botswana, 2014.

Geelong sunset.

Our first sunset for 2019.

Geelong sunset.

Geelong sunset.

Alaskan sunset, 2018

Alaskan sunset, 2018.

From memory the Alaskan sunsets

were taken around midnight.

South African sunset, 2013

Sunset from the Sky Tower


New Zealand

Geelong sunset

Point Lonsdale Pier

and Lighthouse

at sunset.






further forward in space; in the line of one’s forward motion.
“the road ahead”


Absolutely no prizes for guessing which dog 

…is ahead in a Labrador-Kelpie race.

Which is stronger?

Now that’s another story.





a thin sphere of liquid enclosing air
or another gas.

Not the greatest photo…

..however, I have been told that the black spot

is a naturally occurring bubble in amber. 

It appears there are some

other bubbles nearby as well.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Bubble