New Zealand


Our window view at

Bucklands BnB,



The Green Dragon Inn windows,

Hobbit Movie Set,

New Zealand

Saint Andrew’s Church,


New Zealand





I may be a bit off the mark this week.

However, these are two two photos each of which

has been shown here in its original state

and after I had played around editing it.

I had just installed a copy of Photoshop Elements

on my computer and was learning how to use it…still am.

On the outskirts of Geelong there is an old paper mill.

This is the interior of one building straight out of camera.

After it was brightened it look a bit over exposed..

…so today I tried to quieten the sunshine a bit.

For the few minutes spent working on this today

I think it is probably the pick as long

as the original is not around


I thought this image was spoiled by all

the ‘moderns‘ in the background.

That is; car, fence and sign

A few hours of tedious work and this was my posted result.





making sure of avoiding potential danger,
mishap, or harm; cautious.


Orakei Korako Geothermal Park & Cave…

…is located only a short drive from

Taupo in New Zealand.


I appose there are some who need a sign.

Although I’m not one of them.


Even 12 months ago I felt the path

could have been a bit wider.


And hand rails were a bit thin on the ground also.

In fact the way my knees are performing this year…

I don’t think I would attempt the 1.8 km,

666 step walk again…

…for fear of ending up like this sign.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Careful