A few weeks ago I visited Buninyong and photographed

the Court House/Council Chamber

I even moved slightly so the parking sign

would be easier to remove.

However, I didn’t notice the power lines

and have been slowly editing them out.




Sign removed, horizon straightened,

and all but one line removed…

…which can be seen in the top of this image.


FriendlyFriday-2: Photo-Edits


Friendly Friday




easily agitated or alarmed.


Just before Christmas 2018…

…we rescued ‘Smudge’ from a local act shelter.

We renamed him Smudge.

It took him all summer to get used to his new home

and he still has not ventured any closer

than around 10 metres from the house.

He is good friends with Taji and bullies Candi at play.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Nervous