a feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food,
coupled with the desire to eat.

No matter how hard Taji tries

to convince me she is starving…

…with a rump and back-line like this

she will never win 🙂


Word of the Day Challenge:  Hunger




2 thoughts on “Word-of-Day-Challenge-Hunger

  1. Critters of all sizes are adept at convincing people that they are starving, I find. The really convincing ones can make us question whether we just fed them.
    I had a calico cat who was very plump. She didn’t eat more than the other cats, that’s just how she was. I knew something was wrong when she started losing weight. I had to have her put to sleep at 10 years old. She had brain and lung cancer.


    • That is so sad to have a pet with such an illness. Our last Labrador was the first we had seen with bad hip joints. About six weeks after she passed we were shown Marley and Me while travelling through Europe. A few tissues were needed…. 🙂


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