When this electricity line was constructed

back in the 1970s

…I was living near its destination, Portland,

some 300 kilometres west of Geelong.

It was built to take power to the

Alcoa Aluminium smelter built at Portland.

A few years ago the Geelong Alcoa plant was closed,

so the Portland smelter may be heading for closure also.

If so, I wonder will the power line be dismantled?

Probably not!

Friendly Friday:  Electric


Friendly Friday

4 thoughts on “FriendlyFriday-Electric

  1. Hmm, not the prettiest thing to keep in the landscape. Over here, there are old factories with their retired-but-left-as-is chimney pipes in the urban landscape and it always reminds me of the Simpsons, living under the shadow of that nuclear plant. Many people don’t seem to mind. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…


    • Agree…not pretty at all. And the powers that be are talking nuclear power for us…Still they have talked about a rail line between Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) for nearly 50 years ans we still don’t have one. Rather embarrassing when visiting overseas.

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      • After travelling on European railways (specifically Eurostar and a French service between Lille and Arras) I often wonder why governments don’t spend money on rail services. About 15 years ago the Melbourne – Geelong line was upgrade…..cost millions to get us into Melbourne and home again, quicker. A whole 3 minutes faster. But the government made good on its promise of a faster service between Geelong and Melbourne. 😀

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