When this electricity line was constructed

back in the 1970s

…I was living near its destination, Portland,

some 300 kilometres west of Geelong.

It was built to take power to the

Alcoa Aluminium smelter built at Portland.

A few years ago the Geelong Alcoa plant was closed,

so the Portland smelter may be heading for closure also.

If so, I wonder will the power line be dismantled?

Probably not!

Friendly Friday:  Electric


Friendly Friday





using or expressed in more words
than are needed.


At ten weeks….an angel.

It is difficult to imagine her as being verbose.

When strangers arrive….we know about it.

When morning arrives….we know about it.

Each and every morning walkers, joggers,

her friend the dog next door,

they all know where her territory starts and ends.

She’s harmless but very verbose,

especially in the morning.




a feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food,
coupled with the desire to eat.

No matter how hard Taji tries

to convince me she is starving…

…with a rump and back-line like this

she will never win 🙂


Word of the Day Challenge:  Hunger