The Killing Game


J. S. Carol

Picture that you have been invited to lunch at the swankiest restaurant in town.  It is the restaurant where you not only have to wait months for a table but also the restaurant which is the most expensive in town.  The restaurant where only the A+ of Hollywood’s A-listers would visit.  Now you have the setting for this novel and the wealth to which these diners have access.

Surrounded by Hollywood royalty your meal has barely commenced when in walks an armed man claiming to be wearing a clearly visible suicide vest.  Your meal has just taken on a sour taste.

This is the scene/setting for the entire novel and although it may sound difficult to maintain a plausible story with only a few characters involved, possibly less named, J. S. Carol kept my interest for the entire story.

I often do not attentively listen to prologues.  Again this was the case with The Killing Game.  As driving and selecting a new book is not conducive to safety I listened to the prologue again as my book recommenced.  Be attentive when listening, or reading, the prologue.  Any more would spoil the plot.

Narrator, William Hope, does a good job of his character voices.  He had enough difference in each voice to make it clear which character was speaking.

The Killing Game was my first J. S. Carol book and, I think, worthy of a four star rating.

I think

The Killing Game

The Killing Game

is definitely a


At the time of writing my review other

Goodreads readers have rated

The Killing Game

 an average of 4.08 stars

from 812 ratings

and 151 reviews

The Killing Game

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