A random series of images of Melbourne.

Melbourne Skyline



Melbourne skyline from Williamstown Marina.

A laneway busker

Bourke street from Southern Cross Railway Station.

Laneway art

St Kilda Pier



Melbourne by the Yarra River


Bourke Street Mall busker.

Finally, sunrise on Melbourne

from our hot air balloon flight.






deviating from what is normal or usual,

On a warm Florentine day we opted for

a cool drink and a few minutes rest.

When I ordered an iced-coffee

I was thinking of a tall large glass,

filled with icy-cold milk, some ice and ice-cream

with a hint of coffee taste.

My dreams were different to that which I received.

Refreshing but not what I would

call a normal iced coffee.

Then again visitors to Australia will also

receive an abnormal drink when

ordering an iced coffee.

When in Rome (or Florence, in this case)

do as the locals do because that is

half the fun of travelling.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Abnormal