Size does matter.

Two slices of toasted bread

and a cup of tea or coffee

is the size of my breakfast.


However, should this breakfast

be placed in front of me

not much of it will be returned.

The downside is that my sweet tooth

goes hungry at a morning coffee stop.

So, size does matter.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Size-Matters


Exhibit Alexandra


Natasha Bell

Exhibit Alexandra by Natasha Bell was the first of her works that I have read.  It was an interesting book however, I’m not sure that I will be chasing her other books as this plot was one which I have never come across before.

Exhibit Alexandra tells the story of a teacher’s wife, who left her career to raise a family.  One day when their children are in, or nearing, their teenage years, Alexandra disappears leaving her husband and two girls behind.  Police eventually decide that Alexandra has been murdered and scale down their search.

Alexandra’s husband is not as certain (as the police) and continues searching until he finally tracks her down.

To say much more will entail revealing spoilers which I am loath to do.

Narrator, Katharine McEwan, does a fair job of narrating of what is essentially, a slow storyline.

Simply because Exhibit Alexandra was a different story to those I usually read.  As stated previously, about other books, it may be a better read than an audio-book.




I have rated

Exhibit Alexandra

is still a star read.

At the time of writing my review

Goodreads readers have rated

Exhibit Alexandra

an average of 3.30 stars,

from 1,505 ratings

and 328 reviews.

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Exhibit Alexandra

can be purchased online at

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon




a thing that is, or may be, chosen.

Choices, from a range of options,

are required each and every day.

Whether shopping……



…or choosing which form of a photo to post…

the colourful, abstract version…


…or the rather dull original.

Options everywhere. .


Word of the Day Challenge:  Options