the kinds of food that a person, animal,
or community habitually eats.

Our Vets have nearly

…nearly always said…

….that our Labradors should be on a diet.


They don’t even smile when I ask

if it is the see food diet

they are recommending.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Diet


4 thoughts on “FOWChallenge-Diet

      • We emptied a bottle of old cooking wine/sherry onto the dry summer ground when Maggie (now departed) was young. She managed to suck enough up to give her a whopper of a hangover…at least that’s what we called it. She slept for several hours and her breath was vile with alcohol.

        Our current pair of dogs both eat fruit. Not just fallen fruit it has to be on the tree and they have a sniff around for right piece! we have dwarf trees and the dogs just love the summer months.

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