of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine.
an inexperienced newcomer to a particular activity

An authentic

Tasmanian Blackwood

dining setting.

This eight place dinging setting

was crafted around 1900 and valued

at somewhere between AUD$1,000-1,700, as is.

Restored the valuer suggested a price tag

of around $7,000-9,000.


It has two removable panels so the setting

cab be converted to a cosy 4 or 6 person setting as well.

Unfortunately no-one even enquired about it

The entire setting  is still waiting to be restored.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Authentic




9 thoughts on “FOWChallenge-Authentic

    • No. And only been there once on a school trip in 1965. Loved it then and with a decent camera would love to spend a few days there again. Table belong to my father-in-law’s parents I think. Definitely an antique item.

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