1.  laugh lightly and repeatedly in a silly way,
from amusement, nervousness,
or embarrassment.
“they giggled at some private joke”
2.  a light, silly laugh.

Very difficult to photograph ‘giggle’

However, these two Yellow Billed Hornbills

would look, and chat, to each other,

as in this shot,…

Then their heads would bob up and down

and their wings would keep in time

to the head bob.

Definitely two birds who, on that day,

had seen the funny side of life! 🙂


Word of the Day Challenge:  Giggle








Book Review-Win-Lose-or-Draw

Win, Lose or Draw

(Cliff Hardy  #42)

Peter Corris


Win, Lose or Draw is the 42nd novel in Peter Corris’ easy listening Cliff Hardy series.

Set in Sydney, Coolangatta, Norfolk Island and Byron Bay, Cliff finds himself working for a client who not only trusts and thinks highly of Cliff, but also has a seemingly bottomless bank account.  This is something which Hardy finds novel and almost embarrassing to have not hundreds, but thousands of dollars for expenses.

A missing daughter, drugs and the sex trade are all interwoven to make Win, Lose or Draw a fast paced enjoyable story, with a wide range of enjoyable, and colourful, characters included as one would expected in scenarios such as this.


Mention must also be made of Dino Marnika, the third narrator of the Cliff Hardy series.  His gravelly voice is certainly different and suits the Cliff Hardy series.

I think

Win, Lose or Draw

Win, Lose or Draw : Cliff Hardy Series: Book 42 - Peter Corris

is a


Goodreads readers have rated

Win, Lose or Draw

an average of 3.84 stars

from 234 ratings and 21 reviews

Win, Lose or Draw

can be purchased on-line at

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