Book Review-Sliver-of-Truth

Sliver of Truth


Lisa Unger

Sliver of Truth was my third Lisa Unger book.  Had it been my first, it may have been my last.  I listened to Sliver of Truth and found it to be rather tedious, dull and boring.

In Sliver of Truth Ridley Jones discovers her father is not her father.  Instead her Uncle Max is her biological father.  And basically that is the crux of the book; Ridley trying to track down her father who, it appeared, had a questionable past.  She finds herself mixed up with several others who are also trying to locate Max for reasons which may or may not have been explained.


I often state the narrator can make or break an audio-book.  In this instance the narrator is Elizabeth Kaye.  Unfortunately Ms Kaye’s narration may have been the primary reason I did not enjoy Sliver of Truth.  Apart from the plot, I found her character voices uninteresting with little or no inflection.


Well before half way I was only listening to finish the book and the last hour or so Sliver of Truth had been relegated to back ground noise.  Should I take a short drive, or commence a chapter a few minutes prior to arriving home, I will often replay the previous few minutes next time I am in the car.  Sliver of Truth did not have me reaching for the replay button.


The Sliver of Truth Goodreads blurb quotes the Richmond Times-Dispatch as stating the book ‘…will force you to stay up past your bedtime, just as you do with the books of James Patterson and Michael Connelly…’.

Didn’t happen with this reader!!


Because I sort of completed the book I will rate Sliver of Truth as a two star audio-book.  It may have been a better ‘read’.


I have rated

Sliver of Truth

 Sliver of Truth : Ridley Jones - Lisa Unger

as aread.

Goodreads readers have rated

Sliver of Truth

an average of 3.68 stars

from 4,481 ratings

and 475 reviews

Sliver of Truth


can be purchased on-line at

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