These days it is seldom I post edit

my photos a great deal.Last Friday morning I again ventured out for that elusive sunrise.

Alas!  Nothing spectacular.

Above is Straight Out Of Camera.

Adjust lighting a little, boost saturation,

straighten horizon and crop.

Often I Photoshop seagulls out of an image

as they are often a blur when using a slow shutter.

I have also noticed the tanker is just emerging from the sun.

I was more enthusiastic four years ago however…

Above is the edited version….

And this is the original.



These rubbish bins and car were annoying me

so the cloning brush removed them.



One bin and car gone, one bin to go.


No bins…no car.

Those with more Photoshop skills than I ever

hope to possess will notice blemishes in the editing

however when we zoom out to the ‘big picture’

they are even harder to see.



The final piece of editing was to remove

this car to a ‘not noticeable’ degree.

A simple crop fixed this.


Observant readers may have noticed…

…the elephant in the image.

The light tower.


I think it is a better looking photo

without the light tower.

This is Kardinia Park,

home to the

Geelong Football Club



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Edit

11 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-PC-Edit

    • Too much I’m afraid Sue. And every time I think I have one finished I find another small error which many may not see, but……… Have almost given up on perfecting any further skills. Things I want to learn seem to be unattainable yet are supposed to be easy. YouTube videos not a great deal of assistance as they ‘teach’ too quickly, use a different version, or appear to have different buttons/places to go etc. When it comes to that I ell them where to go. Frustrating! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know just what you mean. I almost daren’t admit that I mainly use a very old Microsoft editing suite and also the free Paint dot net for almost all my editing. I have Paint Shop pro but find it just as easy with these two old faithfuls. Daughter Sophie sends me outline drawings for the blog and I colour them in using paint.net. I usually resize on here and remove backgrounds. I have plenty of video editing software and am forever downloading free trials. I do enjoy playing around with stuff.


      • Can well believe you use old Microsoft programs as many are better and more user friendly than current versions. My Go To Editor is Picasa…no longer supported by Google. However, it will export a 20-255 MB photo to a folder and educe it to under 100 KB….often less than 50 KB, which i find great for WordPress. Six years blogging and I have used just over one gigabyte of photo storage on word press.

        My biggest concern is finding a replacement that is not subscription! But while Picasa works…I’ll use it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I used to have Picasa years back. I’m impressed by your resizing, that must save a lot of time on manually resizing. If you ever find anything else similar do let me know!


      • You can still download Picasa for Macs, iPads, iPhone and windows if you wish to try it….just that Google no longer supports it.
        If you do try Picasa the resizing process is simple.
        1.Open image,
        2.click File,
        3.Click BROWSE to export to ready made folder, or create a new one.
        4.Click Export to folder (a dialogue box opens where you can chose which folder you want to save to. Also a slider with pixel numbers, I use 640 for WP, also a drop down menu to select high, medium or minimum resolution. I use minimum for WP
        5. Once choices made click EXPORT and image goes to chose folder which should open….so no need to search for folder

        Finally, I realise you did not ask for links etc, but thought you may be interested.

        Two links for downloading Picasa for Windows.



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