Book Review-Learning-by-Degrees

Learning by Degrees

(Dan Irvine Book #1)


Marty Langenberg


Learning by Degrees commences with university Orientation Week pranks and in this instance focuses on the hazing of a gay first year student and the long-term cost of that event.

Learning by Degrees is sort of a sequel to Marty’s previous books in so much as the core characters from Marty’s earlier works (The Broken Vows Trilogy) are reprised again, in Learning by Degrees.

Learning by Degrees commences with university Orientation Week, however the story soon jumps to about ten years after graduation day.  Most participants of the initiation ceremony are now very successful in politics or business.

One by one, four of the six involved in the initiation ceremony, against the gay freshman, turn up very dead.  I didn’t pick the murderer as Learning by Degrees ended with surviving characters explaining why and who, the murderer was.

Learning by Degrees is reasonably well paced with many conversations between characters as they try to solve the mystery of who is the murderer.

I was left a bit baffled when I discovered who the villain was, as from memory, he had a small part (except in name) and was never described (to my knowledge) as a villain.

At the time of writing my review only one other Goodreads reader had rated (5 stars) and reviewed Learning by Degrees.

My three star rating gives Learning by Degrees an average of 4 stars at this point in time.


I have rated

Learning by Degrees

as a


Learning by Degrees

can be purchased on-line at 

Fishpond and Amazon

Finally, I must declare that I know and worked with Marty

for several years before he retired.

However, I believe this has not clouded my review.


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