the back part of something, especially a building or vehicle,
raise an animal.

When this elephant was sighted……someone commented:

There goes the whole of Africa




Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Rear

7 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-PC-Rear

    • That’s okay Sue…but now you mention names, do you have another “Doug” in your life? It is the only reason I can come up with as my name is not Doug either. Although I did have an Uncle by that name. 😀

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      • Oh dear, that is funny. As far as I can remember I clicked on one of your photos one day to enlarge it and I think something popped up, the bit that gives details of the photo. I don’t know any Dougs. I just tried it again now to refresh my memory but it just came up with the URL, so apart from that I really don’t know where the name Doug came from. 😀


      • Well I didn’t think it was worth correcting….until you corrected your mistake this morning 🙂 I answered to ‘Bill’ many years ago for three weeks. There were about 6 genuine ‘Bills’ in the workplace and someone introduced me a ‘Bill’ also…and it stuck. Don’t supposed you know the photo you clicked on? I usually have copyright information in my cameras however, I did have one photo used without asking and I confess to using the odd Facebook photo myself, with an acknowledgement that it is not mine.

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      • I haven’t a clue I’m afraid, it was months ago. I think I know how I did it. I must have been using my PC because I think I right clicked by mistake and the source code came up, the name Doug must have been in there somewhere and I assumed that was your name.
        It’s only 07.00 AM here and I’m not up yet but when the computer is on I’ll try a couple of experiments. So sorry Woolly!


      • No Problem Sue. Just wondering. It may have been one of the Facebook photos I have used. Don’t waste your Sunday looking for a solution. Our Sunday is nearly gone another 30 minutes and darkness will surround us. At least school holidays for two weeks and no 0600 alarm. 🙂


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