having a resemblance in appearance, character,

or quantity, without being identical



Three similar dogs all with different

traits and personalities.

My first black and tan kelpie…Brandy.

Also known as my $6,000,000 dog,

because he would work anywhere..but only for me.

I should add that this was a period of Brandy’s life

where he was affectionately known as ‘Bucket-head’.

He had an eye problem which he

was not allowed to scratch.

Brandy died at age 13 just after

his first litter of pups were born.

Fatherhood was too much for him.

This is Ginger.

One from that litter.

Not quite as loyal as Brandy, but then we never

had the chance to work as Brandy and I did.

She was our princess.

Didn’t like wet feet etc.

Two similarities she had in common with Brandy

were her size and the fact that

she died suddenly as Brandy had done.

Now for the current kelpie.

Brandy and Ginger wouldn’t be seen dead

enjoying life as Candi does.

All the same breed with

different personalities.


Word of the Day Challenge: Similar

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