Rather than try and find photos

that reflect summer stillness…

…I thought I would post a couple of images

taken on Sunday and Monday morning.

Sunday morning fog was thick.

Those towers are about 186 feet tall

and barely visible at 0915.

Yesterday (Monday) morning this was

the scene out over Corio Bay at 1100.


With a lot of shadow applied the fog again is visible.


With sepia preset and a gradient toning

the fog is more evident.

We have had a cold, wet run of weather lately.

The past week has been reasonably free of rain but cold.

Monday morning my car showed

an ice warning light (at 1000)

  for the first time since I have had it.

Temperature was 2 degrees Celsius.

This morning (Tuesday) at 0915 the

temperature in Geelong is 4C/39F.

Two days ago June 23 Melbourne shivered

through its coldest June day since 1985

Compared to many Northern American winter scenes

which make it onto our media we

are having balmy weather.

However, our latitude is the 37th (Melbourne)

and 38th (Geelong) parallel south.

Same latitude north, as San Francisco.


SUNDAY STILLS PHOTO:  Summer-Stillness

2 thoughts on “SUNDAY-STILLS-PC-Winter-Stillness

  1. I love all the variations of the images with your editing. Stillness indeed on a foggy day. Your first shot looks just like the Sacramento Delta in January! Thanks for telling your latitude, I’m right across the way from San Francisco so I understand your cold winter weather. But ice? Wow! Be careful on those roads!


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