a person who is in charge of a sports game
and who makes certain that the rules are followed

Australian Rules Football has a total of 10 referees,

although we call them umpires

They are wearing green trousers, or shorts with a yellow shirt.

For the AFL (Australian Football League games) this year

there are 4 field umpires on the ground during play. 

A goal umpire at either end and 4 boundary umpires

whose task it is to stop play when the ball

goes over the white boundary line. 

As the speed of our game has increased

so too has the number of umpires.    

Our playing areas can be 150-200 yards

long by 120-170 yards wide. 

This ground, the Melbourne Cricket Ground

(MCG) is 187 yards long by 160 yard wide.

  When I was 17, I was boundary umpire

for my local team for half a season.

Our ground was said to be 3 laps to a mile

around the boundary line which means

it would be around 210 yards long

by around 155 yards wide.

In those days we only had one field umpire

and two boundary umpires…one either side.

As play see-saws back and forth boundary umpires

were/are expected to be where the ball is

when/if it goes out of play.

The team I have followed all my life

is Collingwood…black shorts and

black and white vertical stripes in this shot.

We have had Texan born Mason Cox

playing and starring with us for several years now.

This is a Collingwood vs Geelong game.

Finally apologies for my photos,

they were taken with a ten year old phone.



Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Dearth





Rather than try and find photos

that reflect summer stillness…

…I thought I would post a couple of images

taken on Sunday and Monday morning.

Sunday morning fog was thick.

Those towers are about 186 feet tall

and barely visible at 0915.

Yesterday (Monday) morning this was

the scene out over Corio Bay at 1100.


With a lot of shadow applied the fog again is visible.


With sepia preset and a gradient toning

the fog is more evident.

We have had a cold, wet run of weather lately.

The past week has been reasonably free of rain but cold.

Monday morning my car showed

an ice warning light (at 1000)

  for the first time since I have had it.

Temperature was 2 degrees Celsius.

This morning (Tuesday) at 0915 the

temperature in Geelong is 4C/39F.

Two days ago June 23 Melbourne shivered

through its coldest June day since 1985

Compared to many Northern American winter scenes

which make it onto our media we

are having balmy weather.

However, our latitude is the 37th (Melbourne)

and 38th (Geelong) parallel south.

Same latitude north, as San Francisco.


SUNDAY STILLS PHOTO:  Summer-Stillness




having a resemblance in appearance, character,

or quantity, without being identical



Three similar dogs all with different

traits and personalities.

My first black and tan kelpie…Brandy.

Also known as my $6,000,000 dog,

because he would work anywhere..but only for me.

I should add that this was a period of Brandy’s life

where he was affectionately known as ‘Bucket-head’.

He had an eye problem which he

was not allowed to scratch.

Brandy died at age 13 just after

his first litter of pups were born.

Fatherhood was too much for him.

This is Ginger.

One from that litter.

Not quite as loyal as Brandy, but then we never

had the chance to work as Brandy and I did.

She was our princess.

Didn’t like wet feet etc.

Two similarities she had in common with Brandy

were her size and the fact that

she died suddenly as Brandy had done.

Now for the current kelpie.

Brandy and Ginger wouldn’t be seen dead

enjoying life as Candi does.

All the same breed with

different personalities.


Word of the Day Challenge: Similar