Displays from France.A nice public display of topiary.



Saturday Market in Place des Heros

It was from this stall that….

…I purchased a small piece of jewellery for MGW.

Healthy displays…

…were everywhere…

…along with clothing.

A Street Art display between the Lille

Domestic and International Railway Stations.

Finally, a display in the Arras Railway Station.

Always nice to see a little bit of home

when half a world from home.  😊


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Display

9 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-PC-Display

      • Thank goodness. The header was the only blue sea graphic I could think of. My headers are set to shuffle…it will turn up one day 🙂 Many thanks for your help. This morning was the first time for around 20 plus years that I have had the experience of a straight line where an image should have been. In those days the image URL was reading from my C: Drive and it was not noticeable until viewing the site from on another computer.

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      • That is interesting . A couple of days ago I had problems with one of my graphics on my Nan’s farm site The image appeared jumbled. I changed to a similar image and all was well.


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