Again garden ornaments are few and far between

in our garden and not the type of thing

I normally photograph.

However, we did have these ‘Miss Saigon’ ornaments.

Did have because about three weeks after

this photo was taken…



…we think either a energetic young

kelpie and or Labrador cut the corner.

We searched high and low for another,

but no such luvk.

These were a gift for MGW’s last school when we moved

Our smallest ornament was some

solar powered tortoise lights.

They did work for a while.

Garden Art



And every time we pass this house I suggested

to MGW that we should think about getting

a plane ornament in our front yard.

My comment is a real conversation stopper! 🙂


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Lawn-Ornaments





Displays from France.A nice public display of topiary.



Saturday Market in Place des Heros

It was from this stall that….

…I purchased a small piece of jewellery for MGW.

Healthy displays…

…were everywhere…

…along with clothing.

A Street Art display between the Lille

Domestic and International Railway Stations.

Finally, a display in the Arras Railway Station.

Always nice to see a little bit of home

when half a world from home.  😊


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Display



Our pets are friendly towards each other…except…

…when it comes to food.

There is no way Taji would sacrifice

even one milligram of this bone

with a feline friend.

And I am sure this play fight would turn nasty

should Smudge(Cat) be nearing Candi’s food bowl

at meal times.


Word of the Day Challenge: Sacrifice