I cannot comment on…

…on the contents…

my labels describe.

MGW and I won a trivia contest

while on tour in Europe. 

The prize? 

A bottle of wine. 

Neither of us imbibe!

Still we have the memory.



Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Label




Hamilton Enclosed Gardens

New Zealand

I thought I had taken a photo to introduce each garden.

Now not so sure, therefore I will

post photos in order taken.

A short walk from the entrance, we came…



…upon this archway…

…which led us into a circle of arches.

Some of these arches led onto the enclosed gardens.

This path took us to the…


…Indian Char Bar Gardens.

As stated on this, and other, signs.



Not a great deal of ‘floral’

in this selection of photos.

In fact these statues are the

only photos of the garden which I have.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday