Book Review-Love-Lies-and-Murder

Love, Lies and  Murder


Leslie Wolfe



Love, Lies and Murder by Leslie Wolfe was my first of Ms Wolfe’s short stories and possibly my last, not because of the stories but because they were just that….short stories.

The ‘short’ short stories were too short and left me wanting more.  The longer stories were meatier and built my interest when they also ended.   Abruptly.

During the past twelve months I have read several books of short stories and even though I can read an entire story while having a coffee, I still prefer a novel.   Therefore, I have decided I am not a fan of short stories and only rate them as three star reads or less. Love, Lies and Murder definitely rates a three star read.

Concluding on a happier note, these short stories were ideal to reading while partaking of coffee or before lights out at night.  I found it easy to read two stories in bed before I fell asleep.

Leslie Wolfe fans will, like me, enjoy the stories.  It all boils down to whether you like short stories, or not.


At the time of writing,

Goodreads readers have rated

Love, Lies and Murder

an average of 

4.14 stars

from 49 ratings and 16 reviews 

 I have rated 

Love, Lies and Murder


Love, Lies and Murder

Love, Lies and Murder 

can be purchased online at 

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon


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