Today quick trip across

the Indian Ocean to Africa,

for some bird’s eyes..

Where we met several varieties of Hornbill.

All have piercing eyes, but are actually quite friendly

and have some funny ways about them.

Above is the Yellow Billed Hornbill.

The ground hornbill’s main point of interest

is its eyes.

I manage to capture this shot at

a rehabilitation centre.

This is the only photo I have in the wild.

These specimens are not very attractive in my opinion.



The Red Billed Hornbill.







South Africa 2013 at

Sausage Tree Safari Camp

which is now part of

Greater Kruger National Park.

Nearly every game drive

saw us leaving a recognised road…


 in preference for a look down

a path or track like this.


Sometimes we would also crossing a dry water course.

Or passing a track that looked bare,

however, it was not wise to blink…

because that was when the locals moved.





daddy of them all

The biggest, oldest, most impressive,
or most respected person or thing of a certain kind.

Possibly it is not correct to call this elephant

the big daddy of the family…

…even though it is the largest and most respected of the family.


Because elephants run in matriarchal families

Male elephants stay with the family unit until

they reach 13-14 years of age, when puberty sets in.

 When they leave they either roam alone or find some

other males and may form a bachelor herd.


Word of the Day Challenge: Daddy